lundi 11 février 2008

February 12th : Darwin Day

Two great men were born on this date in 1809: Abraham Lincoln, Emancipator of American Slaves; and Charles Darwin, Emancipator of the Human Mind.

What—Darwin Day is an international celebration of science and humanity. Specifically a celebration of the discoveries and life of Charles Darwin -- the man who first described biological evolution via natural selection with scientific rigor and also a man who is known for his kindness, consideration, tolerance, reflective thought and deep appreciation for the similarities, as well as the differences, among us. Darwin Day does not seek to worship Darwin, or claim him flawless, rather simply to honor him for his contributions and his character.

Who--Darwin Day is celebrated by freethought and science advocacy groups, museums, schools, universities and communities around the world.

When--Darwin Day is on February 12th--Darwin's birthday.

Where--Most Darwin Day celebrations are in North America and England, but there are also celebrations in Mainland Europe, Australia and South America. The Darwin Day web site ( has a listing of many of the large celebrations.

Why--There is an organized movement against the teaching of biological evolution through natural selection. Those opposing evolution have spread a tremendous amount of misinformation. Also, efforts to reduce the teaching of evolution have left many people without a quality scientific education. The primary motivation behind Darwin Day is to give more people a better understanding of evolution. Additionally, we seek to remind ourselves and our communities how important responsible scientific inquiry and education is to both our understanding of the world and our well being.

How--Educational speakers, evolution V. intelligent design debates, birthday cakes, Inherit the Wind screening…. Be creative.

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