mardi 19 février 2008

Yo, Michelle !

O Français fatigués d'entendre parler d'histoires à deux balles au sujet de gnômes qui se marient avec des pimbêches, tournez-vous vers les USA, where the real Glamour is.
You think Barack Obama is cute ? So does everybody...

But did you get a closer look at his wife, Michelle ?

Now that's a woman ! She's rapidly developping a cult-following on her own. She is every bit as Princeton and Harvard Law School as he is, and together, oh babe, you've never seen such a hot couple since Ike and Tina Turner !

There's even a blog called : "Why should we care about what Michelle Obama is wearing ?"
Well, it seems obvious to me... Besides, she's in the Vanity Fair 2007 International Best Dressed List.
Ils ne gagneront peut-être pas les élections, mais au moins ils auront un album photos fantastique.

Way to go, girl !

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