samedi 24 juillet 2010

My Scary Azeri sister

Scary Azeri is certainly Azeri but she is not scary. She lives in Great Britain, this inexhaustibly weird country, where she finds herself amused, puzzled, inspired by every little thing and writes wittingly about it.
She is also slightly dumbfounded by the number of people insisting that they have a religion or that there is a God. In her Sovietic youth, as she puts it, she was told "Religion is the opiate of the people".
This reminds me of the story of the dyslexic insomniac who spends his nights awake wondering whether there is a Dog. I think it comes from David Foster Wallace's book Infinite Jest. Anyway...

I know too well this particular feeling of confusion and disappointment produced by suddenly discovering that what we believed to be a bunch of freaks are actually the vast majority. My youth was not Sovietic, but it was French, and I was raised believing that religion was a cultural phenomenon belonging to the past, like horse-drawn carriages and drawbridges.
Alas, my dear Azeri sister, we've been deceived...

3 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for this and nice to meet you! Hope to find out more about you.

  2. Welcome ! Alas this blog is mostly in french, but some articles are in english : you'll find the anti-religious rantings which are mostly in english under the tag "neo-enlightenment".

  3. Hi again...Just wanted to tell you there is a new posting I wrote on the subject. :) Hope you like it. Ha. x