mardi 23 octobre 2007

On Bullshit

Yes, this is the title of this small opus from distinguished philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt, published by the Princeton University Press, s'il vous plaît.
It's only 88 pages long, since the author has obviously tried to cut out the bullshit on the subject...

Bullshit is a fascinating phenomenon, a great threat to the future of our civilization, and is also a lot of fun.
Pr Frankfurt rightly points out that bullshitters are not the same as liars, and that it doesn't really matter if bullshit is true or false, since it is simply irrelevant. I would add that bullshit is not only irrelevant, but most of the time deprived of any signification.

It is my experience that people are bullshitting when they don't know what they are talking about. Any bullshitty speach can be entirely replaced by the simple words : "I don't know, but I don't want to admit it". The question of why the bullshitter doesn't want to admit he doesn't know can some times be discovered in the bullshit he's come up with, but not always.

It can be because : 1° he's an arrogant asshole
2° he's your boss
3° he's a politician
4° it's a subject he is getting handsomely paid to know about
5° his boss is present
6° any or all of the above (in that case, you are in deep bullshit)

But now for the fun and creative part of it :

If you are tired of writing your own bullshit, try the Web Economy Bullshit Generator !
Also, change the title of your bullshit job to something more trendy with The Bullshit Job Title Generator !
You are getting bored in staff meetings ? Make your own Bullshit Bingo !

Warning : the reactions of an unmasked bullshitter are unpredictable; he can get as dangerous as a wounded grizzly, or burst into tears (I have seen it), or take his own life (or yours), or have a sudden revelation and take you as his guru (which is by far the most unwelcome reaction of all)...

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